Stronger Fitter Faster

Need a quick workout you can do at home? All you need is a set of dumbbells between 8-12 lbs.

Here’s a snapshot of a workout from my Stronger Fitter Faster class I teach on Tuesday nights at Lively Running.

Perform a warmup of your choice for about 6-10 minutes.

Perform each exercise for 1 minute, run through each circuit 3 times.

Try not to take breaks between exercises, but allow yourself 30-60 seconds after each circuit.

Be sure to cool down and stretch.

Let me know how you like it!


1. Curtsy Lunge (see pic)

Curtsy lunge






2. Pushups (modified or military style, whatever you can maintain in good form for 1 minute. Can also do sets of 10, with a short rest)

3. Tricep dip on bench or step (see pic)

Bench/Chair tricep dip

4. Plank with leg raise (see pic)

Plank with leg raise







5. Dumbbell arnold press (see pic)

Arnold press








6. Squat to overhead shoulder press (see pic)

Squat to overhead press


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Move Every Day

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Let’s do this! A great way to keep yourself moving in Ramadan is to break up your routine in little chunks. A tabata is a GREAT way to do that. In its truest form, a tabata is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout* that you can knock out with an impact in as little as 4 minutes. What is HIIT? A HIIT session, such as a tabata, will start with a warm up, and move into 6 to 10 cycles of work and rest periods.  Advanced athletes will maintain a moderate level of intensity during the rest / recovery periods, while beginners can slow down or literally stop. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the 2:1 work:rest ratio, and you can create a tabata for anything. For example:

Jump rope tabata

Work: 20 seconds
Rest: 10 seconds

Repeat 7 more times for a total of 8 cycles (beginners can do 4-6, advanced can do 8-10). 

I’ve created bootcamps with tabata circuits, giving bootcampers the biggest bang for their buck. You can work multiple muscle groups with varying degrees of intensity. For example, after the jump rope tabata, you can move to an assortment of bodyweight exercises such as an air squat, a burpee, a mountain climber, crunches, even sprints! You can create a great circuit without any equipment!

Here is a photo from an outdoor fitness park in San Francisco. Hopefully it will conjure up some ideas to get you started on your first Ramadan tabata! Go easy and slow if a tabata is new to you, keep in mind your fitness level and what you will be capable of while fasting.

Do something small every day
Do something small every day


* Be sure to check with your physician before beginning any strenuous exercise program*

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